Audit Management

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  • Enhances audit productivity and efficiency
  • Reduces audit cost
  • Improves audit strategy
  • Accelerates audit cycles

HydraGRC accelerates audit cycles by automating the audit process, sharing information, minimising redundancy, enabling collaboration and efficient workflow and by supporting risk-based auditing.

HydraGRC improves  audit strategy by providing you with the latest audit information, incidents and events, real-time risk, appetites and tolerances, all brought together to support intelligent risk-based audits, whilst providing progress reporting, follow-ups and closure.

HydraGRC reduces cost by scheduling audits, overlapping audit activities, reducing duplication and increasing reliability. Eliminates the need for spreadsheets and notebooks for handling compliance issues.

HydraGRC enhancing productivity by overlapping information gathering and audit activities, providing all information and tools on-line and even producing dynamically a draft audit report.