Grow your auditing business and deliver
best-in-class audits for your clients.

HydraGRC is a built for, and used by, consultants and professional audit providers who carry out audits on behalf of multiple clients.
Our platform will help you build stronger client relationships.

Deliver comprehensive Risk

Offer your clients an industry leading end-to-end risk management solution with easy to understand risk calculations, compliance management and reporting all whilst establishing an audit trail.

Manage Risk


Give your clients peace of mind

HydraGRC is extremely secure. We’re already used by some of the most highly-regulated insurance companies in the world including Lloyds of London. HydraGRC is cloud-based and configurable to comply with the most stringent of data protection regulations.

Recommendations & Actions

Help ensure your clients achieve and maintain compliance by adding recommended actions directly within the platform.

Keeping everyone up-to-date

Easy to set up and use collaboratively

Built by auditors for auditors – quick setup and deployment. Auditors & customers on the same online platform, enabling mobile-friendly, remote audits and ongoing conversations.


HydraGRC’s white label audit technology ensures your branding remains front and centre. We are your silent technology partner.